For over 25 years Castlefield Estates has been at the forefront of urban development and regeneration. Manchester’s industrial might of the 19th century left its impact on the shape of the city. Castlefield Estates was one of the first developers to recognize this potential. It took vision, and award winning architects, to harness that heritage and turn it into working space fit for the 21st century.

Not just another soulless block of offices, but a living, working community. A bold statement, something vibrant that has already created a legacy. A place that people can enjoy beyond the nine to five. This is about changing minds as well as skylines and waterfronts.

Even the shortest tour of the area shows the importance of the area through the ages, right the way back to Roman times. Now an urban heritage park, its natural beauty provides the perfect backdrop to architecture of an altogether different class. Castlefield Estates has pioneered this regeneration knowing that imagination, understanding and attention to detail is all.

By engaging architects of the calibre of Stephenson Bell and Ian Simpson absolute quality has been assured. It is etched into every brick, every feature.
The result is office space light years away from the everyday.

A workplace to excite and inspire.